I am an American teenager who likes to cook.

Dietary restrictions: delicious food.

I, Martina Rehmus, live with both my parents in Colrain, the most prolific dairy town in Western Massachusetts. To me, food is both a source of comfort and inspiration. There is a dish for every season, mood, occasion and lifestyle.

Food is like clothing, some things go well together and some don’t. This is an art that requires as many wrong answers as right, as many disasters as successes. I find that by simply traveling and trying, I have become a better cook, and without even being in a kitchen.

This blog was created for several purposes:

First, to spread my love of food in a more thoughtful way. Second, to bring attention to the Slow Food Movement, started by Carlo Petrini in Rome, Italy. This movement raises awareness of the widespread consumerism of processed, non-local and unnatural foods currently circulating vast distances in the world. Through the Slow Food Movement, we, as eaters, are encouraged to set higher expectations for the substance that gives us energy to live life.

The mission causes consumers to pause as they buy, prepare, cook and eat food.

Along with this worthy cause, I hope to include a local ingredient in EVERY recipe I produce. In each bite we take, there is a story. Where did your meal come from? Who grew, cut, harvested it? My neck of the woods, the Hill Towns, includes a wide variety of homemade, local foods. From miso to fungi, farmer’s markets to vegan restaurants, there is a whole world of possibilities to explore within a 30 mile radius of my front door! I will explore these questions one meal at a time with food locally sourced, with self-created recipes.

My friend Mollie always repeats the quote, “what is good for the world is good for us”. Creating a palatable experience can be very one dimensional — a good meal can simply be appreciated and then forgotten. But I want to make unforgettable dining experiences that go deeper than flavor. Through this blog, my mission is to keep our traditions of gathering and experience food alive, and through that, find a more meaningful pursuit in a menial pastime.

Please read, comment and share.

Martina Jay Rehmus



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